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Mitchell: Urban Meyer Does Not Fit In NFL

Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer celebrates winning the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual at the Rose Bowl on January 1, 2019 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Former Utah, Florida and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer raised speculation that he wants an NFL job. Scott Mitchell, host of Helmets Off said while Meyer is a great college coach, he wouldn’t fit in the NFL.

On Colin Cowherd’s show Meyer was asked about the rumors surrounding Jason Garrett, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Garrett has an 80-59 record as the Cowboy’s head coach but has never won a playoff game. This season the team is 3-3. As they do, rumors are spreading that his time in Dallas may be coming to an end.

On the show, the conversation started with Cowherd asking Meyer if he thought Lincoln Riley would leave the Oklahoma Sooners for the job.

“That’s the one. Great city. They got Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott. You got a loaded team. And I can’t speak for him (Riley) obviously, I hate to even speculate because I don’t know him, that’s really not fair, but to me, that’s the one job in professional football that you say, ‘I got to go do that,” Meyer said.

Following up to that answer Cowherd asked whether or not Meyer would pack up and go to Dallas.

“Absolutely. Absolutely. That one? Yes,” he said.

Media Manipulation

On Helmets Off podcast, Scott Mitchell, former Utah and NFL quarterback called Urban Meyer a genius at media manipulation.

“He obviously knows this is going to get a lot of play…maybe he hopes it will get in the ear of Jerry Jones (owner of the Cowboys),” said Mitchell.

Cowherd’s show, “The Herd,” gets more than 100,00 viewers while the Facebook page for the show has 1.3 million followers. Meyer knew this would make the rounds, according to Mitchell.

“This is Urban Meyer manipulating the media in order to let people know he is serious about coaching the Dallas Cowboys.”

NFL Is Nothing Like College

Mitchell added that just because someone is a legendary college coach doesn’t mean that translates to the NFL.

“He is a tyrant when it comes to being a coach. He’s tough,” said Mitchell, “It’s tough to play for Urban Meyer.”

NFL players are adults with paychecks and free agency, they aren’t student-athletes on scholarship who are still being molded into men, according to Mitchell.

To be successful in the NFL you must understand how to make free agency work for you, Mitchell pointed out as Bill Belichick has with the New England Patriots. Free agency can bring out behaviors in players that you’d never find at the college level.

Mitchell is not sure Meyer’s tyrannical coaching style would work at the professional level.

Listen to the full episode of Helmets Off below. 

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