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Dog Runs Onto Field During Davis, Viewmont Game

KAYSVILLE, Utah – In the third quarter between Viewmont and Davis, a stray dog ran around and onto the field, interrupting play.

With the game action happening on the opposite side of the field, the dog decided to run on the 22-yard line on the other end and do his business.

Viewmont beat the Darts on the road 16-13.

After the dog finished it’s personal business, a referee cleaned up the mess with a towel before resuming play. The Vikings already had the 16-13 lead when the dog decided to make an appearance.

While holding the Darts scoreless in the second half, Viewmont had four interceptions on defense in the win. Sam Trusty ran for 93 yards and a touchdown in the victory.

Vikings quarterback Will Schultz threw for 177 yards and one touchdown.

Friday’s high school football games is headlined by KSL’s Game Night Live Game of the Week. They will be at Highland as the Rams will face Pine View at 7 p.m. The game will be on the KSL TV app.