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Former Jazzman Ronnie Price Still Calls Utah Home

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – After playing competitive basketball for the first time in two years and in Salt Lake City, former Jazzman and UVU guard Ronnie Price is happy to be playing basketball again.

He played with Team Utah in The Basketball Tournament, joining a team with former University of Utah players like Shaun Green, Tim Drisdom and Dakari Tucker.

“It was fun,” Price said. “I haven’t been able to play pickup basketball for over two years, but being able to play with these guys (Team Utah) the last couple of weeks and find some type of rhythm and get back into shape.”

Playing In TBT

Price had 9 points, 3 assists and 3 steals in their 81-80 loss to Eberlein Drive in the first round of The Basketball Tournament that is a winner-take-all tournament for $2 million that the Maverik Center is hosting a regional.

“Jumping into this atmosphere, I really didn’t know what to expect,” Price said. “Not only for my body but from a rhythm standpoint.”

Playing in the game has Price considering getting back into basketball.

“I had so much fun and enjoyed every second of it,” Price said. “My cardio isn’t what it used to be, but this definitely got my blood flowing and now that my body is healthy, I am definitely going to be in better condition next year.”

Now that the first game is out of the way, Price confirmed that he will play next year with Team Utah.

“I am playing again next year without a doubt,” Price stated. “This was so much fun, I enjoyed being with those guys, they are my brothers.”

Dealing With Injury

Team Utah general manager Shaun Green said that it didn’t take too much convincing to get Price to play. The only thing keeping him from joining the team was the calf injury he was dealing with.

“I didn’t want to commit because I had been dealing with a calf injury that was lingering for two years,” Price mentioned. “It took about four weeks ago to figure out that I will be okay to play.”

Price is now considering getting back into basketball but he is still worried about his family first.

“I don’t know,” Price said. “I haven’t really put much thought into basketball in a while, so we will see. This definitely got my blood flowing, I just don’t know to what level yet. If I am going to try to play and get back into playing again, I will have to do some soul searching and get myself back into physical condition, which I can get myself into quickly, but I have to make sure that my body is healthy.”

Regardless of what happens, Price is happy to call Utah his home.

“This is home base for me,” Price added. “I will go back to Houston to visit family. My heart is still in Texas but home is here in Utah.”

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