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Andy Phillips Experiences Summer Activites At Utah Olympic Park

PARK CITY, Utah – Former Utah kicker Andy Phillips took a visit to the Utah Olympic Park to enjoy some of the summer activities that the facility has to offer.

Phillips, who in addition to being a terrific placekicker is also a world-class skier, did several of the 12 different stunts that are available to do at the site of many of the events during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake.

In this case, however, there was no powder for Phillips to enjoy but that didn’t stop him from having a blast at the park.

First, Philips hit the zip line where participants sit in a suspended chair of sorts and race down the line at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

Once the gate opened and Phillips started his decent, along with KSL Outdoors’ Adam Eakle, Phillips was seen laughing and throwing up the “shaka” sign with his outstretched hands as he clutched a GoPro camera.

“It gets your blood going, but it’s not crazy,” Phillips said when he landed on the ground, commenting that it would be a great activity for families and kids of all ages.

For his next stunt, Phillips rode down a tube on one of the giant ski jump landing areas. Again, going down the hill at over 50 miles per hour, Phillips’ primary concern was not tipping over and receiving a nasty road burn.

Luckily, Phillips made it down the ski jump with no issues.

For his last trick, Phillips made a rapid descent in the fastest possible way, jumping straight down to the ground.

Having seen several little girls jump off the platform before him, Phillips was concerned that the landing foam wouldn’t support his larger frame. Again, Philips made to the end of the stunt with no harm done and with a large smile on his face.

When he’s not skiing, playing at the Olympic Park, boxing former BYU quarterbacks or working on his kicking game, Phillips co-hosts the Special Forces Gang podcast with former Utah teammate and KSL Sports personality Tom Hackett. Episodes are available wherever podcasts are found.

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