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Donovan Mitchell Appears In Spider-Man Commercial With Tom Holland

(Photo courtesy of Marvel and Adidas)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell appeared in a commercial featuring his signature shoes and actors Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal for the upcoming Marvel movie, Spida-Man: Far From Home.

The commercial begins with Holland answering his door in a presumably French hotel and accepting some luggage belonging to a “Monsieur Spider.”

Upon opening the luggage, Holland finds that the suitcase contains the soon-to-be-released Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 sneakers. His jaw drops as he sees the highly anticipated shoes.

Holland checks the bag tag and finds that a mistake has been made, the bag actually belongs to Donovan “Spida” Mitchell.

The actor tries to return the bag to Mitchell, who he discovers has received Holland’s bad in the mixup and is wearing a full Spider-Man suit, complete with web-slinging abilities.

“You’re wearing my suit, mate,” says Holland.

“Could I just get like 10 more minutes,” asks Mitchell for the commercial’s punchline.

Filming for the commercial likely took place in early May. On May 10, Mitchell posted a photo of Holland wearing his size 15 sneakers with the suitcase that was featured in the commercial resting on a nearby table.


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@tomholland2013 said he wanted to switch career paths 😂🕷🕸 #donissue1 #spidermanfarfromhome

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On that same day on Twitter, Mitchell posted a photo from the commercial’s shooting in which he and Holland recreated the pointing Spider-Man meme, with Mitchell blurred out with black markup. Now that the commercial has hit the air, it’s clear that Mitchell was wearing the iconic superhero costume.

Mitchell’s shoe is set to release in stores for $100 on July 5 in conjunction with Holland’s Spider-Man movie which will hit theaters July 2.