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Learn to Ski Episode 6: All of Your Kids Skiing Questions Answered

This article about your kids skiing questions answered is presented by Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and Ski Utah. 

It’s the final episode of the series Learn to Ski with Max and Andy! Get Have you taken your kids out skiing yet? Get your kids skiing questions answered! Former U.S. Ski Team member Andy Phillips talks to ski trainers from Solitude and a member of Ski Utah about what else parents can do to help their kids enjoy skiing and other winter sports. Plus, they talk about what deals are available for your ski kids.

Common Misconceptions

It might make you uneasy at the thought of your little one being exposed to skiing, but that’s a fairly common misconception. Just exposing your kids to snow early will help your little ones gain an interest in the snow without fear.

What Other Snow Sports Can Your Kids Try?


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Often kids can be nervous or scared about skiing. If you help them out though they may take it on faster. But if your kids aren’t enjoying it, there are other options for your kids. Your kids definitely don’t even have to start out with skiing and snowboarding immediately. They could try sledding or even snow shoeing which are great ways to introduce your kids to the snow early.

Do You Want More of Your Kids Skiing Questions Answered?

There are more episodes of Learn to Ski sponsored by Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and Ski Utah to help your kids get started in the amazing powder that we are fortunate to have here in Utah. Get any more of your kids skiing questions answered by just going to a ski resort or by visiting Ski Utah. It’s the best snow on earth, don’t let your little ones miss out on it.