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Learn to Ski Episode 5: Hitting the Slopes with Your Kids for the First Time

This article about hitting the slopes with your kids is presented by Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and Ski Utah. 

Are your kids ready for a real hill? Well, probably not a black diamond… yet… But it’s time to get the kiddos out on a real hill and do some real skiing. What to do when you are hitting the slopes for the first time with your kids, and how you can keep them safe.

Riding a Lift for the First Time

When hitting the slopes for the first time with your kids, keep in mind that a ski lift can be a little difficult when you are first trying it no matter what age you are. But thankfully there are lift operators that can help to suit the skill level your child is at by slowing down or speeding up the lift. All you have to do past that is sit back. Once you get on, it’s easy sailing until the end. Getting off can be hard, but again, let the lift operators help give you and your little ones a hand.

Learning to Turn

Turning is all about how you place your weight.  To turn to the left, have your child drop their shoulder toward the tip of their right ski while increasing the pressure of their right boot on your right ski. If they keep that position as they move, their skis will gently turn to the left. This may be a little advanced for the younger kids. If your child isn’t getting it, just shifting their weight as they are doing a “pizza” snowplow, should turn the direction they want with a little bit of practice.

Playing Some More Games

Play some of the same games you did before on the smaller hill like “follow the leader” and “red light green light” to get them accustomed to their speed control again. Speed is a little harder when you are on a larger hill, but it can be easier if your little ones already know some of the basics and are feeling comfortable to progress to a hill that is a bit more challenging. Playing these games will give them a great start!

Are Your Kids Up for Hitting the Slopes More? Stay Tuned!

There are more episodes of Learn to Ski coming your way sponsored by Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and Ski Utah to help your kids get started in the amazing powder that we are fortunate to have here in Utah. It’s the best snow on earth, don’t let your little ones miss out on it.