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Learn to Ski Episode 4: Getting Children Used to Being on the Snow

This article about getting your kids ready for the slopes is presented by Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and Ski Utah. 

You and the kids are almost ready for the big slopes! Andy, Max, and Gus go up the magic carpet to a smaller slope, then play games on the way down to get them accustomed to speed variations. Here is how you can get your kids ready for the slopes with some basics.

The Magic Carpet

The magic carpet is just a conveyer belt to get kids from one place to another. The benefit of taking your kids out on this is that it can help them develop their balance on their skis as they are moving. Take your kids on this a few times before you really introduce them to a slope.

Basic Games

Play some simple games like “red light, green light” where you can teach your kids to stop by turning their skis inward to make the ‘pizza’ position. Try teaching your kids to play follow the leader where you go in a line and they have to control their speed so they don’t hit who is in front of them.

Speed Control

Finally, get your kids to make sure they are controlling their speed. Once you have them prepped and ready to go, it’s on to the lifts and a little bit bigger of a hill.

Are Your Kids Ready for Some Slopes? Stay Tuned!

There are more episodes of Learn to Ski coming your way sponsored by Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and Ski Utah to help your kids get started in the amazing powder that we are fortunate to have here in Utah. It’s the best snow on earth, don’t let your little ones miss out on it.Kids Ready for the Slopes