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Learn to Ski Episode 3: It’s Your Kid’s First Day on Snow! Are They Ready?

This article about your kid’s first day on snow is presented by Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and Ski Utah. 

It’s your kid’s first day on snow! Do you think they are ready to go? How did they do with the practice skiing on Carpet? Andy Phillips and his sons Max and Gus are ready to show you how you can move your kids from the carpet on to the fluffy white stuff!


What are the Expectations?


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“Don’t help me daddy, I can do it myself!” – Maximus each time we get off the lift 😆 #altamagic

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Your child isn’t an adult so you have to equate in timing around naps and the length of time they should be out before getting tired. Also, take into consideration the weather and what to do if your child gets bored. And don’t forget the snacks! Some gummy bears or fruit snacks go a long way here. Make sure you have enough to cover the whole day out even you aren’t out the whole day. And make sure to bring enough for everyone! Not only your kids but you too!

Try Leveling Up


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Faceshots and a blower pow day at Alta with my fearless 4 year old. Maximus wanted nothing to do with the groomers. ❄️ #skiutah

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Once you get them out with their boots on and ready to click into their skis, get them ready by starting out on a level surface, or as level as you can find. Then, once you have gotten your kids feeling comfortable on a level surface. Find an area with a little bit of a slope. nothing crazy, but just something to help them get their balance. Your ultimate goal is the bunny hill, but if they don’t get that far, if they are having a good time, all is well in the world.

Drill Progression

Just to reiterate: start by having them walking in boots, then help them put on their skis. Focus on thier bindings, and start with a flat ground where you are pushing/stepping on their skis. Start with mild slopes then work your way up to steeper so your kids have a nice natural progression.

Stay Tuned


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It continues to be a season for the ages at @altaskiarea with The Phillips Club! @shredoptics

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There are more episodes of Learn to Ski coming your way sponsored by Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and Ski Utah to help your kids get started in the amazing powder that we are fortunate to have here in Utah. It’s the best snow on earth, don’t let your little ones miss out on it.