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Learn to Ski Episode 2: Preparing For Kids’ First Time on the Utah Slopes

This article about getting your kids prepared to ski is presented by Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and Ski Utah. 

Andy Phillips and his sons Max and Gus want to walk you through how to get your kids prepared to ski by doing a few activities to make your little ones comfortable before they get out on the Utah slopes. This episode talks about putting on the boots and skis indoors first, so that once they get on the snow they’re used to it.

Get Your Kids Skiing on Carpet

Ok, it seems a little silly, but this is a great way to get your kids used to having the clunky equipment they’ll have on to hit the slopes. Start b getting them into their boots and have them walk around. Since ski boots don’t flex like a typical shoe, they’ll need to get used to walking in them for short amounts of time between the times they click into their skis.

Pizza French Fry Drill

Being able to go back and fourth between “pizza” where you have your skis angled in to slow down, and “french fry” where you keep your skis slightly flared out is one of the most basic things your kids have to learn before they touch their skis to the snow. Have your kids try this out without skis, then move them onto playing with this with their skis on.

Click on the Skis

Once your kids get the ‘pizza french fry drill”, help them click their boots into their skis from the toe, then the heel. Then have them scoot around on the carpet to get used to having their skis on. You’re getting that much closer to your kids being able to follow you on the slopes.

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There are more episodes of Learn to Ski Coming your way sponsored by Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers and Ski Utah to help your kids get started in the amazing powder that we are fortunate to have here in Utah. It’s the best snow on earth, don’t let your little ones miss out on it!